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How To Win Your Husband’s Heart



Many women today endure marriage rather than enjoy it. The man that was once head-over- heels in love with them, later begins to feel like a total stranger to them. As far as many of these women are concerned, their man is the problem. He is the one that must change and in search for the solutions to their marital problems, they move from one prayer house to another, praying all manners of prayers and taking all manners of counsel from both qualified and unqualified quarters, sadly, often times to no avail.

The truth is, over the years, I have come to discover that nobody has the power to change any other person other than themselves. The only way to change others is to change ourselves. For most of these women, the key to changing their husbands is changing themselves. It has been said that one of the definitions of madness is to keep doing things the same way but yet expect different results. To get a better result other than you have been getting in your marriage, you must learn to do things differently.

As said earlier, you have power over yourself alone and not over your husband, so for once, look away from your husband and concentrate on yourself. What are the things you should do differently to get a different response from your man? The solutions to the problems we face in our homes as women are not often beyond us. We only need to look inward rather than outward. For women who are passing through turbulent times in their marriage and sincerely desire a turning around, read the following:

Your s*x Life

Many women need to know how important s*x is to a man and to the survival of their marriage. Many have lost their husbands because they are not up and doing in bed. They are always developing headaches and giving one excuse or the other every time their man turns to them for s*x. And many of those husbands have innocently fallen into the hands of hungry women who are ready to give them more than they desire, that which their legal wives are always denying them. Is that the situation with you? If yes, then you will have to change. The way God made a man, s*x is the most important thing to him in marriage. In fact, the first reason why he married you is so that he can have it when he wants it, and no matter what you do for him and on his behalf, if he cannot have it when he desires it, he sees you as not fulfilling your marital obligation to him.

The urge for s*xual satisfaction comes before every and anything else in a man’s life. This is unlike a woman, who has s*x as the last thing on her mind. He does not just see s*x as pleasure, he sees it as something he cannot do without; something that is paramount to his survival in life. That is why he cannot but turn to another woman when the one that should help him in fulfilling this urge is not forth coming. As a wife you must know that the health of your s*x life is directly proportionate to the health of your marriage. The way to a man’s heart they say is his stomach, but I have discovered that this is not the absolute truth. To me, the way to a man’s heart is under your skirt. That sounds dirty but it’s the truth. When a man has a wife who is ‘alive sexually’ to him, he will do everything and anything for her.  There are homes that are surviving in spite of the fact that the woman of the house is not a good cook.

All they have to do is to make sure a good cook is employed and a wise woman in such situation makes sure she employs a man and not a woman as her cook so as to make sure she does not create a crack in her marriage. But the role of s*xual fulfillment is such that a woman cannot employ another to fulfill. That is why every woman must make it her priority if she wants to keep her man. And the truth is, no matter what your opinion is concerning your husband, there are a thousand and one women out there who will be so glad to help you in fulfilling this role. So, my advice is, don’t be slack.

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