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How Women Are Fooling Men With The Deceit of Love



A conference for love…
Heard about the man who told his wife he was off for a three-day church conference. ‘Okay’, said the wife but first, let us pray. She said, ‘Lord, grant my husband great journey.’ ‘Amen’, he shouted. ‘Weaken his manhood, if he tries to commit adultery’. The husband was silent. ‘Kill him if he commits….’ At this point, the husband shouted, ‘Shut up, shut up.’ ‘I am no longer going on the trip’. ‘The Holy Spirit has just told me the conference has been cancelled’. A new wife…

I sometimes wonder how women feel with situations of cultural attitudes or religion approval for men to marry more than one wife. Mallam was in Saudi Arabia recently asking Allah to provide a second wife for him. Sadly, he had forgotten that his wife was right beside him. Often you cannot blame the men, but other women, who are always eager to marry a rich man, not minding if he has a wife.

How Women are Fooling some men…
The fact is that men are involved in relationship struggles and battles daily. Many men are at the mercy of women. Some men think they are smart to have caught a woman. Whereas the smart man realizes that he is the one that was hooked and caught in a cage! In this relationship, you are allowed to perform and pleasure the woman occasionally. If she is happy, you even get to buy her a present. If she is not satisfied, you get hypertension.

Having many wives is no fun at all. Now, what do you say about men who have many wives? I once saw one of them at 50 years of age complaining of a bad back. Really, just a bad back! No hypertension! Another love joke…

A guy and his wife are sitting and watching a boxing match on television. I think it was one of those quick Mayweather fights. The husband sighs and complains, ‘This is disappointing. It only lasted for 30 seconds’! The wife replied ‘Good, Now you know how I feel.’ Apparently the husband doesn’t last more than 30 seconds during s’εx! NB: This is just light relief to make you laugh and reduce your blood pressure.

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