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How You Can Beat Fashion Faux Pas



Have you suffered from fashion faux pas before? The experience is not worth talking about because it can be embarrassing. We have listed ways you can beat this menace without doing anything. Here we go:

The Nip slip & Side Boob


A lot of ladies fall victim of these two fashion faux pas.  It is very important you put on a properly fitted bra even if you are uncomfortable in it. If it comes to worse, make use of the sports bra to avoid getting a nip slip. A lot of celebrities are not forgiving themselves when they suffer a nip slip in the public. And for those who would to run from the boob window show in dresses that would show off their breasts, you should make use of double sided tape. These shear adhesive would prevent the side or under boob from showing and they are cheap.

See Through Dresses


Your mirror can lie to you so can your friends but not the sharp lens of a camera when a picture is taken of you. You should understand that there are lots of clothes that are see-through and you may never be aware of them. How do you eliminate this?  When you put a dress in front of a window for the sunlight to shine on it, you can take care of it. You can equally add a nude coloured slip as an extra layer to prevent your clothes from getting you exposed in the public.

Unsightly bulges


Most of us are so busy that we do not hit the gym and end up with unwanted flab that is never a beautiful sight to behold in the public.  It is either you make use of a fitted dress or use the gym and get back to your shape or simply buy smart shape wear that would temporarily alter your body shape and give you a great figure. With this method, you can tell wobbly tummy a good bye when you are in the public.

Bra Peek-a-Boob & Strapless Dress Pull Up


One of the common wardrobe problems a lot of ladies experience is the exposing of the bra strap flash. There is nothing as embarrassing and annoying as showing your bra especially if your attire does not match with it. You can make use of the fashion tape in taking care of it or make use of a strapless or backless bra with straps that are clear.  When it comes to strapless clothes, a thick fashion tape can help secure your cloth to your bra to stop worrying if it will slip off your bust

There are lots of wardrobe malfunctions that a lady can fall victim to apart from the once we have mentioned.  If you can take a picture of yourself or stand by a sunny window to access what you are putting on, you would able to escape a lot of embarrassments outside your home. As a lady, looking beautiful is your number business. With the modern world of revealing fashion styles, you must not be Janet Jackson or Rihanna in order to experience a wardrobe malfunction after reading this article. In fact, it is so simple for any lady to suffer her own wardrobe meltdown



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