Hushpuppi Slams Nigerians Still Going To Church Services

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Dubai based big boy has slammed Nigerians who are still attending church services despite a ban on large gathering in the country due to coronavirus.

In a social media post, Hushpuppi stated that those people should hold themselves responsible if anything happens to them.

He also warned them that if they contract coronavirus, their pastors will only pray for them which he believes is ineffective.

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Hushpuppi wrote: “Those of you in Nigeria going to church and refusing to stay at home, just know if anything happen to you and your families, your pastors will only donate prayers which can’t cure corona obviously. Don’t blame the government for anything, they are doing their best. It’s you who isn’t helping and you deserve the consequences of your actions. Also don’t come and beg money in my DM o bastards”.


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