Hushpuppi’s Photo Is Selling In Nigerian For This Price | VIDEO

hushpuppi photo being sold
Hushpuppi’s Photo Sells In Nigerian For This Price

Hushpuppi’s Photo Is Selling In Nigerian For This Price

Nigerians have been considered as smart and innovative. They leave no room when it comes to making the best of every situation.

A viral image of Hushpuppi -a Nigerian billionaire lifestyle of an alleged fraudster- is being sold on the street of Nigeria by some street ‘hustler’.

In a viral video sighted by, Hushpuppi’s large-size photo frame is being sold in traffic by a young man to drivers and passengers.

The photo is one of Hushpuppi’s posts on Instagram, where he happily posed in front of his purple Rolls Royce, donning customized Louis Vuitton two-piece shirt and trousers.

The interested driver rolled down his window to have a clearer view before asking of the price.

He was sent back when the seller made his mention; N30, 000, equivalent to GHS 448, for a mere framed photo.

Meanwhile, Hushpuppi is currently languishing in detention in the United States where he was extradited after his arrest in Dubai.

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