I Am My Biggest Priority, Nancy Isime Writes

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Media personality, Nancy Isime has taken to social media to share nuggets of wisdom and how to handle one’s self while walking through life.

Nancy Isime

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, the actress stated that she prioritizes herself and all that concerns her.

She also stated that to succeed, one needs to put the same energy one would put in big things into small things.

“Listen, the way I do one thing is the way I do everything!!! I am my biggest priority, my biggest investment, my biggest Project!

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“The effort, time, commitment, consistency and discipline I put into the “small things” must be the same for the “big things”. That’s how you truly live a fulfilling life!

“You can’t put all your energy into making money and when it’s time to put in the same energy to taking care of yourself, you make excuses. Lol! Everything is interconnected!”

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