I Bought My First Designer Shoe Last Year And I Almost Threw Up Twice Before I Paid-Uriel

Reality TV star Uriel is sharing her thoughts on the importance of living a life of purpose rather than wasting money on luxuries. The TV star took to her Instagram page to share a lengthy note on how she has always paid attention to providing her basic needs rather than splurging money on luxuries.


Uriel in her post revealed that she bought her first designer bag in 2020 and felt really bad about it has she thought about the many things the money could be used for. According to her , it is illogical for a person to own a lot of luxury items and still pay rent at the end of the year.

This is why I love AJ. Lord knows I want a CHANEL BAG more than anything (A real one🥺)
But I can’t spend that Amount if I’m still paying Rent?
I had to train myself from a young age 18 to plan ahead. Don’t envy anyone work hard
I bought my first designer shoe last year I almost threw up twice in mouth before I paid, On the train home I was numb, when I got home I wanted to fight my cat. (Uk)

Don’t ask me about the shoe,,,, ok Slide to the next picture 😩😩 (London bought )
Invest in your life well. A Dog will chew your Shoe.
I remember I was judged by a Lagos socialite because I had on bathroom slippers 🥰 few days bk… I saw the looks very Cold looks , Not Everything that Glitters is Gold. 🥶 the Goal is to be Wealthy Not look it.. ok look it small sha. Mind you I get Real Gucci Slippers (London one o) but I like my bathroom slippers.

DONT NOT ENVY ANYONE. NEVER you will loose the battle because it was NEVER Your FIGHT Let me Tell you you have the power to be who the Heck you want man!!!! No celebrity/ pop star or anyone is better than you. Heck No. Uriel shared.

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