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‘I Can Never Leave My Marriage Because Of My Husband’s Infidelity’ – Foluke Daramola



The Nigerian society often expect women to look the other way when their husbands cheat. Many women live through the betrayals and disrespect of their husbands’ adultery in silence because they want to remain married at all cost.

These days, more women are beginning to realise that they have a right to choose how they respond to infidelity, they can chose to accept, forgive or divorce. It’s up to them and not to the society.

This is why there has been mixed reactions to what Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola said about staying in her marriage even if there is infidelity.

While some women believe every man will cheat and are ready to accept it, some women will not accept it as a way of life but can forgive infidelity if the man is remorseful and will never do it again, and for some it is a total deal breaker that will make them seek for divorce immediately.

Foluke, in an interview with Joan Omionawele of Tribune said;

I’ve always said that the only thing that can take me away from my home is critical and emotional abuse. Infidelity can never take me away from my home because I know how to handle it. I always tell him that he can never find anybody like me. I know my man, I know myself and I know what obtains in my home, so what’s the fuss about?

No matter what happens, it cannot degenerate to me leaving my husband because he is not a wife beater or an abuser, but as for infidelity, I can handle it very well.



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