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“I cried in front of girlfriend because she wanted to leave him for yahoo boy”

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A Nigerian man, known as @Oloye on Twitter, has shared a heartbreaking experience of his girlfriend leaving him to be with a cyber fraudster, popularly known as a Yahoo boy.

The incident occurred during their university days and had a profound impact on @Oloye, leaving him emotionally scarred.

@Oloye recounted the distressing episode, expressing how he broke down in tears upon learning of his girlfriend’s intentions. The news of her choosing a life associated with a Yahoo boy came as a devastating blow to him.

The incident took place during their time in university, already a challenging phase of life, which further heightened the emotional turmoil experienced by @Oloye.

Since that fateful day, @Oloye has struggled to trust and fully open his heart to others. The incident has left him emotionally scarred and has significantly changed his perspective on relationships.

He admitted that the memory of crying in front of his girlfriend continues to haunt him, reinforcing his guarded and hardened heart.



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