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‘I did not pull the gun on my girlfriend. She lied’ Arrested American Rapper Reveals

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A distress call was made to the residential police on May 15, 2023 by the girlfriend of prominent American rapper, Marquis Amonte King, popularly know as Shy Glizzy.

The lady allegedly revealed  that Glizzy had pulled a gun on her during a heated argument.

Responding officers arrived at the scene promptly and conducted a thorough investigation..

Shy Glizzy vehemently denies the allegations made by his girlfriend.

According to Glizzy, he and his girlfriend had engaged in a heated verbal altercation but maintains that he never brandished or threatened her with a firearm.

He claims that the argument arose due to a misunderstanding and escalated to the point where his girlfriend felt threatened.

Glizzy asserts that he values and respects the safety and well-being of his girlfriend and that any claims suggesting otherwise are false.


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