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I Didn’t Take A Break From Acting – Genevieve Nnaji



I Didn’t Take A Break From Acting – Genevieve Nnaji


Actress Genevieve Nnaji in a recent interview with Encomium magazine said she has been absent from the movie scene because she couldn’t find a script that was worth her time.

“I didn’t take a break. Yes you haven’t seen me in any film but it is not my doing. I read at least three or four scripts a week for the past five years. That is to show you how bad it is. I am very careful when it comes to what I take part in. There is so much or nothing you can do to convince me. I have to love a story so that I can bring it to life. It is not a one man band. The story needs to entice. The character needs to be appealing and then, you are one with it.

With that, it becomes easy to be a good actor. If I don’t get a good script, I am not going on set. I haven’t seen anything worth my while in years, that is the truth. I don’t know who did what we did in the 90s. If you can’t beat your last job, what is the point? You might as well take a bow but I am not bowing out yet,” she said.

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