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I got my six-packs from fetching water, hunger, hard labour – Rema reveals 

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Nigerian music sensation, Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema, recently shared the secret behind his well-built physique.

During an interview with Spotify, the singer Rema shared that his six-pack physique is a result of the hardships he faced growing up in poverty and experiencing hunger.

Rema attributed his sculpted body to doing physically demanding tasks such as fetching water from a well and participating in labour-intensive work. These activities, along with periods of hunger, contributed to the development of his body.

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The “Dumebu” singer noted that his body naturally developed from the strenuous tasks he performed, and mentioned that even during his time hustling in Ghana, he continued to engage in physically demanding activities, which further contributed to his physical fitness.

I got my six-packs from fetching water, hunger, hard labour - Rema reveals 

Rema humorously mentioned that on days he starved, his abs seemed to pop out.

“I don’t go to the gym. I always had my body patterns, way back since Benin, fetching water, carrying buckets of water, you know, wheelbarrows.

“When I was in Ghana when I was hustling, doing hard labour. I was already getting ripped out from whatever I was doing. You know, days that I starved, my packs just came out, like,” he said.


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