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Dear Bukky

A lady got pregnant for a guy out of carelessness and eventually gave birth.

She says she was vulnerable when she met the guy because the guy whom she hoped would get married to her broke up with her because he was advised not to get married from her place.

She became devastated and the guy who got her pregnant happened to be visiting her constantly after her break up.

One thing led to another and she got pregnant and eventually gave birth but she is living a life of regret because she doesn’t feel this guy is her soulmate and the guy has failed to live up to his responsibilities even though he calls occasionally.

This lady is at a cross road because she doesn’t want to get married to this guy just because she has a child for him. Please what do you advice her to do?

Dear reader,

I think the first and foremost thing to do is to actually take responsibility for what has happened and realise that a mistake can happen but what we take away from it is what should count the most.

The fact that she got pregnant for that guy doesn’t mean that she has to continue being with him. Never forget that. So if she does not feel that he is the one for her, why continue?

If she says it’s for the child’s sake, she’s making a mistake. Because, being with the father of her child does not guarantee her happiness, or even the child’s wellbeing. It is better to be somewhere where she will be happy even if she is not with the child’s father. The child’s happiness and wellbeing is actually dependent on the mother’s wellbeing to be very honest.

So for the child’s sake and hers, she has to go in search of her happiness, even if it means being all by herself.

That should be the ultimate. Please let her know that she does not have to marry that man because she got pregnant for him. It will be a huge mistake to risk her happiness like that.

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