I have repented, I want to set a good example for my son; no more nAk3D photos and videos- Akuapem Poloo | VIDEO

Ghanaian Social media sensation, Akua Poloo seems to have met her deadline when it comes to yearning eagerly for attention on the internet. 

According to the mother of one, the only way she thought it was possible to make it to the limelight was coming in ‘loudly.’ She further compared herself to actress Jackie Appiah, stating that, she didn’t have the luxury of time and exposure to match shoulders with her so the only way she had to use was to become so loud and post nudes. 

However, she expressed that, she has now become a better person as she is trying to set up a good example for her child. She added that she will no longer post nude pictures or videos or something that exposes her and puts her in the bad light. 


SOURCE: Lifestyle.ng


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