“I Hope We Don’t Loose Another Life Before Paul And Peter Okoye Realize Its Their Turn To Bury The Hatchet”- Music Executive, Ayo Animashaun

Music executive Ayo Animashaun has once again called on twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye to make peace and bury the hatchet. The Hiptv boss in a post shared on his Instagram page explained that the music industry doesn’t have to lose another talent before anyone makes peace.

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The media mogul shared a photo of Plantashun Boiz reuniting at Sound Sultan’s tribute declaring it as his photo of the month and called on Psquare to get back together and let go of every hurt. Recall that Plantashun boiz settled their differences at the tribute ceremony of their late friend Sound Sultan and it made a lot of music lovers extremely happy.
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Photo Credit: Getty