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“I Love Sex, My Man Must Be Tall And Handsome” – Nigerian Olympic Gold Medalist, Lauritta Onye

Her ambition dwarfs her stature. She is a little woman with big dreams. In fact, she has achieved so much in sports, breaking world records and setting new ones at international sports events, including the Rio Olympics 2016. And she celebrated her gold medal in Rio in a manner the world will remember for a long time.

In an exclusive interview in Owerri, the capital of Imo State, Miss Lauritta Onye opined that life is like sports – you don’t win all the time. For instance, while she was breaking world records, a lover broke her heart.

However, she enjoyed the relationship while it lasted. Take this from the little woman: “I like tall men, men over five feet. My father was a tall man; I want a man like him.”

An indigene of Amaimo, Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State, Onye added that the country has not treated her fairly despite her sacrifices and achievements. Read her interview below:

At what stage did you realize that you were different

It was when I was about eight years old that I realized that I was not growing and even my younger ones were taller than me. I took it that I was special; I was specially made. To be frank, I was not feeling bad. I was myself, feeling good all the time. If you ask my mother, she will tell that I was a happy child. I was playful and laughing all the time. I am jovial and sociable. I mingle with everybody. I can even be friends with a mad person. I am not angry because I am short; I didn’t cause it. In fact, I do not have any regret. I do give God the glory for creating me in a way that gives me advantage to be an achiever. I look around, I see people who think that they are beautiful or handsome, yet things are difficult for them. So, I don’t feel hurt.

Are you not thinking of getting married and settling down?

God’s time is the best. I know that God created me in his own glory and there is a reason He created me this way. I remember when I finished secondary school, men used to come around me and out of ignorance I told them I was not interested in marriage. I used to tell them that I wanted to be a reverend sister so they should leave me alone. My thought was to be rich and possess all the essential things of life, without boyfriend or husband. Fortunately, I do get revelation and when I have it, I will tell my brother’s wife about it. And she will begin to interpret it. God did not create me not to be fruitful; I’ll bear fruit. Men will be chasing me and disturbing me physically and spiritually and I will be running.

So, when I came to Lagos, I decided to have one boyfriend. Fortunately or unfortunately, he broke my heart. Maybe it was not the will of God. He broke my heart by looking for another girl. He did it twice. He did it the first time and I forgave him. When he did it the second time, I started praying and asking God if he was the one because before I started with him I didn’t pray. I didn’t want a situation whereby I will get married and start talking or thinking about divorce in the future because the Bible frowns at divorce. So, I started praying and getting revelation. Instead of seeing him, I was seeing other people. I said, no wonder the guy was hurting me. It was an opportunity for me to leave him. No need forcing myself, that was why I gave up.

Is he also a special person like you?

No. He is a normal person. He should be over five feet.

Were you sleeping with him? Was he the person who deflowered you?

Yes, I was sleeping with him. He was the person who deflowered me.

Do you enjoy making love?


Do you have a boyfriend now?

I will be lying if I tell you that I don’t have a boyfriend now. But since I have known him he has never slept with me. He is far from me. We only talk on phone. He is busy where he is and I’m busy too. He is still schooling, though he has something doing to assist himself. He is in Uyo, Akwa Ibom but he hails from Imo. The guy who broke my heart is also from Imo.

As a human being, do you sometimes feel like being with a man?

It is when your mind is there that you will feel like being with a man. But if your mind is not there and you are feeding yourself with spiritual words and chatting with friends, I don’t think you will feel much about it. If you watch blue films (P0*no) for instance, you get aroused. I don’t like watching blue films. I am not a stone or tree; it’s just the grace of God. When I feel it, I hold myself tight.

Did the guy who broke your heart make you pregnant?


What kind of man would you like to marry?

I want a God-fearing man, a man that cares, a man that looks cute, a man that dresses well and has swagger. I don’t like men that wear earrings or funny hairstyles. I need a man that is dark in complexion; I don’t need oyibo. I like tall men, men over five feet. My father was a tall man; I want a man like him. I want a real man, not somebody who will be controlled by his mother or friends. The man should be faithful. My kind of man should be romantic.

What are your hobbies?

I like everything about entertainment. I like acting and dancing, among others. After sports, I’ll go into acting as a career. I’ve acted before.

Is there anything you cannot do on your own?

There is nothing I cannot do. I can wash my clothes and I can cook. I dazzle people with my cooking skills. My mother trained me in such a manner that I must know everything that a woman is supposed to know. I used to go to the bush to fetch firewood but my parents don’t like that. I do carry 50 litres of water on wheelbarrow but my mother will shout at me not to do that kind of work.

What would be your advice to special people like you?

My advice is that they have to aim high because the Bible says declare and it shall come to pass. I have decreed that I will be a great person in society, so shall it be. Whatever God has destined for you must surely come to pass. So, I want to advice them to dream big; let them aim higher and work towards achieving it. I always go for the best. So, my little people should know what they want; they should not give up. God has a purpose for creating them the way they are. The Bible says God’s thought for us is for good. I thank God everyday for the way He created me. They should not feel inferior. I don’t take trash; if you feel that you are beautiful, I’ll tell you that I am more beautiful than you.
By HENRY UMAHI ([email protected])

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