"I pay child support" Rob Kardashian accuses Blac Chyna of lying on social media just to ruin his Father

Rob Kardashian has denied the accusation made by Blac Chyna on Fathers’ Day that none of her baby daddies pay child support (read here).

Chyna wrote on Fathers’ Day: “Wow Tyga and Rob … no child support BOSS BITCH ALL 201[8].”

According to sources close to Rob, Blac Chyna’s social media post is a lie aimed at ruining Fathers’ Day for Rob. The . told TMZ that Rob thinks it was just Chyna trying to ruin his Fathers’ Day and egg him on to go after her, something he’s prohibited from doing, according to their custody agreement (They made an agreement to keep all the negative stuff off social media).


According to TMZ, Rob pays child support but wants it drastically lowered because he’s not making any money and the $20k a month no longer has a correlation to his ability to pay. However, he never skips a visit with his daughter, Dream.