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‘I Pay Her School Fees’– Leaked WhatsApp Shows Man Begging Another Man to Leave His Girlfriend Alone



A Nigerian man who obviously doesn’t want to be taken by surprise has sent a strong warning to another guy who’s seemingly trespassing his love territory and flirting with the object of his affection.

A Twitter user, @Kena_Ewuru shared the message he received from the man who begged him to leave his girlfriend alone because the other guy claims he has invested so much in the girl. The unnamed man further said her woman means a lot to him, and it would be heartbreaking if she were to leave him for Kena.

He said aside from paying her school fees, he bought iPhone 12 for her, trains her siblings in Ekiti state university, and gives her mother a monthly allowance. See the screenshot of the message he sent to Kena.

A Nigerian doctor, Ugwunna Ejikem, premised on his own bitter experience with women and probably that of his friends, has posited that a woman will only show a man affection if she’s interested in him.

In a Twitter post, Ejikem said whenever a woman does not like a man or doesn’t care about him, she demonstrates conspicuously by being cruel to him.

In his words; “A man is only nice to u when he likes u”; y’all talk this BS like it doesn’t go both ways.

Almost every man at some point in life has dealt with a babe he liked that didn’t like him. Goan ask how their experiences were… Women can be very cruel when they don’t care about you.


Is it my friend that refused to listen to warnings & foolishly entered night bus from Aba to Lagos to see ‘crush’ only to spend 3 hours outside her balcony cos “she wasn’t in the mood to meet him yet” Sis was sleeping inside o. Of course the ‘crush’ ended immediately after

Or Sammy that would miss his own lectures just to stand outside Lecture East, waiting for a girl’s own lectures to finish so he can talk to her.

Sis would finish, come outside, look him over & walk away with her friends loudly laughing.


. ‘I Pay Her School Fees’– Leaked WhatsApp Shows Man Begging Another Man to Leave His Girlfriend Alone Follow GhGossip.

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