I personally dumped Adebayor — Ex-girlfriend Dillish Matthews

I personally dumped Adebayor — Ex-girlfriend Dillish Matthews

About a couple of months ago, Togolese footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor and his Namibian gilfriend, Dillish Mathews broke up after years of dating.

Rumors of their break-up was confirmed when both celebrities unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted their photos and videos on their handles respectively.

From thence, we do not see the former lovebirds together anymore pointing to the fact that they have indeed broken up.

There was a popular gossip in town that Dillish decided to leave the relationship because she got tired of how Adebayor was banging other others aside from her.

Well, the real reason why the footballer and the former Big Brother Africa winner broke up has been revealed while Dilish was interacting with her fans on Instagram.

In a question and answer session, a fan asked why she broke up with her Ex? The fan also asked that was cheating part of the reasons their relationship ended?

In response, Dillish said she didn’t leave Adebayor because he cheated rather she left because she was tired of getting humiliated on social media over and over again as he was doing.

:It’s really none of yall’s business, but I’d like to make this clear; Nobody cheated please. I left cos I got tired of the way i was being humiliated by him on the net . Please send this to all the chat groups”, she wrote.