I Refused Sleeping With Men In My Time Of Need

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Allyson revealed details of how men had offered sex in exchange for help at different times in her life. She began with the tale of how she was almost molested while serving drinks at a pub. She went further to reveal how a man who was willing to pay her tuition requested sex in exchange.

Allyson also reeled out her experience in the hands of a top entertainment practitioner, who she refused to reveal his identity. She said the entertainment practitioner had insisted she had sex with him in exchange for fame and fortune while she was struggling to make it as a rising artiste.

“Many instances like that. But I refused. I don’t know what gave me the confidence, hope, or audacity at that time, because, ordinarily, automatically, I should agree. I was expected to agree because I should. But I didn’t, because I just knew that something would happen.

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“Imagine if I had slept with him. And others like him. Here I am today,” she said.

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