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“I struggled with pornography” Spyro reveals

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    Singer Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, known as Spyro, has spoken about his long-standing struggle with pornography addiction during an interview with Echoo Room.

Contrary to common assumptions that he criticizes fellow musicians for their lifestyles, Spyro clarified that his aim isn’t to preach about morality in the secular music industry.

He emphasized that he is not a saint and experiences the same human challenges as anyone else.

The ‘Who’s Your Guy’ crooner also noted that while he isn’t promoting strict moral standards, he believes that artists can still find success by creating music with a more positive message.He said, “I struggled with pornography for years. I’m not a saint. I go through these things. I’m in here with you guys. I’m not saying that I’m holy. Everyone is far from holy.

“And I’m not coming to preach to people that you’ve to be holy. I’m human just like you. But I’m just saying that as much as we can.”

Notably, Spyro had previously stirred controversy by suggesting in a podcast interview that Shallipopi’s music might be influential among fraudsters.


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