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I want to break up with my toxic boyfriend but I’m so scared

Please I need your advice. I started dating this guy August 2017, when I met him he was the sweetest guy I have ever met. At the beginning of the relationship, he was everything I wanted in a guy but not up to two months of dating after we had sex.

He is my first. I noticed he was changing. He shouts at me at any slightest provocation and I also got to know he has a very bad temper.

When he started showing his real character, he had a way of making up at the beginning so that still kept us going in the relationship but as time went on, he became worse he has even threatened to hit me in the presence of his family members.

He shouts at me in front of them and anytime there is a quarrel between us, he has a way of manipulating the issue and end up making me apologize even when I know he is wrong and he disrespected me.

I don’t even have a say in the relationship anymore. He feels he’s the man so he should be in control of everything. I have tried breaking up severally but he keeps manipulating talking about all what he has done for me and all…which make me feel indebted sometimes and end up apologizing for breaking up.

And yes I didn’t mention he is a Muslim and I am Christian and he said he would never stop me from going to church and my dad is against it but I don’t know why I am scared of walking out of the relationship.

Please I need Advice. I really want to move on because if I end up marrying him, I will be miserable for the rest of my life. Because right now I have lost my self-esteem. I am not myself anytime am around him. I watch the way I talk so that he won’t get angry. He so egoistic that he hardly says sorry and he is very rude. He talks to his mom anyhow. He has even told the woman to shut up in my presence before.


Dear reader,

This is obviously one relationship you need to get out from immediately.

I love the fact that you can see all these signs and you know what you have to do. That’s half the work needed.

So to the process of breaking up, I think you should have a serious introspection on why you are really scared. If it is because you feel bad for leaving him for what he has done for you, you have no reason to be scared. I think that’s just one of the ways he has been able to manipulate your mind into believing that you are indebted to him. You are not.

When people are in relationships, they do things for each other. It’s part of the process. Does that mean that you should remain in a bad relationship? Hell no! This is a process that has gotten to a point where things have to come to an end and you should be fearless in executing this move for your own good.

Move on. Block all his numbers and social media channels. Let people you trust know about it especially if you are scared for your well-being. The longer this goes on, the more difficult it is.

I with you all the strength to move on from this.


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