I Was A Baby Actor And You Were A Mother To Me – Efe Irele Mourns Rachel Oniga

Nollywood actress, Efe Irele has come out to mourn the death of veteran actress, Rachel Oniga.efe ireleRecall Veteran actress Rachel Oniga was said to have died on Friday the 30th of July from a heart-related ailment. She was aged 64 and will be greatly missed by many. Oniga is said to have shot some scenes in a movie at Mowe, Ogun state earlier this week before her death. Since the release of the news, a lot of celebrities and fans alike have taken to social media to mourn and celebrate her.
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Amidst all these, Efe Irele took to her Instastory where she posted a picture of herself and Rachel Oniga on set. She stated that the picture was taken in 2016, where she was a baby actor and Rachel Oniga was a mother to her, correcting and advising while being patient with her.
rachel oniga

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