An obese woman who was told by doctors that she was too heavy to have children has managed to overcome her addiction to food to lose 151lbs, so she and her husband can start a family.

Hannah Myers, from Austin, Texas, was 310lbs when doctors told her it would be too dangerous for her to get pregnant because of her size, news which came as a bitter blow to the 27-year-old who was eager to start a family. But it was only after her fertility issues started to put a wedge between her and her husband, Matt, that Hannah vowed to lose weight and save her marriage.

The sales executive started her physical and emotional journey on Extreme Weight Loss, getting her 5’7″ frame down to 159lbs over the course of one year with the help of the ABC Show’s trainers Chris and Heidi Powell.

At the start of the show, Hannah explained that her poor eating habits stemmed from her difficult childhood.

After her parents divorced, her mother started working the night shift as a nurse. In order to work late into the night, Hannah’s mom took sleeping pills to sleep during the day – often leaving her daughter to fend for herself.

Hannah recalled trying to make her own meals when she was 10-years-old, noting that she would pour ketchup into a coffee mug and eat it because it ‘tasted good’.

And by the time Extreme Weight Loss trainer Heidi traveled to Austin to surprise Hannah and tell her she has been chosen for the transformation of a lifetime, it was revealed that her weight had spiraled to 310lbs.


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