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I Weep When Having Se x With My Sugar Daddy, But I Can’t Leave Him

I’m 22 years old and an orphan, I stay with my uncle. Please hide my identity..

I’m dating this man who is about 54yrs old, he is willingly to do anything for me, he is like a father to me. He helps me financially since none of my parents’ people are helping me. I’ve had several heart breaks and I told myself that I won’t love any man that comes my way again, just to have fun and move on with my life. 

Recently I met this guy name John, he loves me so much and I fell in love wit him, we have been dating 4 almost one month now. He is 26yrs old, he works but I don’t want to be a burden on him. My question is should I quit ma sugar daddy and stick to my new lover? I don’t feel comfortable being around ma sugar daddy any more, each time he wants to have se x with me I feel bad and weep in my heart. I just have to satisfy him, if not I will die of hunger and poverty. My lover cant be of help to me financially…. Please, what should I do?




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