Tunde Ednut Shames BBNaija Innoson Prize, Calls It A Nepa
Nigerian blogger Tunde Ednut has wished and hoped that Nigeria, the giant of Africa conducts a truly free, fair and transparent election.
This is coming amidst the ongoing Presidential race in the United States, with stiff competition between the Republican incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic aspirant Joe Biden.
TrumpTaking to The Gram, Tunde Ednut shared a picture text, lamenting the series of inclusions that rock Nigerian elections, the general polls especially.
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“I wish my country’s election can be this transparent. Those old people will just be shouting “INCONCLUSIVE”. Kano, INCONCLUSIVE. Abia, INCONCLUSIVE. Enugu, INCONCLUSIVE. Imagine them still using paper and biro to count votes”, the picture text reads.
I Wish - Tunde Ednut Reveals What He Hopes Of Nigeria
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