Husband can kill a wife, and wife can kill a husband; if our society keep focusing on sentiments rather than how to help couples learn how to live together in mutual respect; don’t engage in verbal assault, don’t engage in physical assault. Seek help sincerely to be able to live in peace or move on.

Waiting for a wife to post pics of herself with battered face or a man’s family to post pics of him in hospital or his lifeless body on social media, and you condemned the spouse is a VERY wrong approach.

Yewande Oyediran who stabbed her husband, 38yrs old Oyediran Ajanaku to death at their Akobo estate home in Ibadan, Oyo state on February 2nd after a domestic dispute, will appear in court today May 24th. Yewande who is a lawyer is being tried for the murder of her late husband.

…they were a happy couple at one time, before things turned sour. So, facing reality helps a great deal!