If you’re trying to figure out whether that applies to the guy you’re with, here are some surefire signs that you’re dating a grown-a*s man.

1. He’s Defined The Relationship

You don’t have to have a drawn-out conversation, because you already know where you stand. When you’re dating a man, he will make his intentions clear, right from the get-go. If you’re his girlfriend, you’ll know it. No more guessing games.

2. He’s Self-Motivated

A grown man has his sh*t together and knows how to get it done. He has real life goals and is making progress towards them.

3. He’s Not Jealous

He is secure in your relationship and doesn’t feel threatened by other friends you may have or your past relationships.

4. He Says What He Means

Relationships can be confusing. A real man knows this and won’t beat around the bush. When you’re having a conversation, he says what he means without any manipulation or disguising.

5. He’s Drama Free

Drama shouldn’t even be a word in his vocabulary. Boys make drama. You don’t need that in your life.

6. He’ll Talk About Anything

A real man makes you feel comfortable enough to talk about anything. There shouldn’t be anything you feel you need to hide from him, and vise versa.

7. He Treats You Well (And Enjoys Doing So)

Date nights should be enjoyable for him too, not just out of an obligation to satisfy you. A grown-a*s man will be proud to be with you.

8. He Keeps His Place Clean

No more empty beer cans and remnants of last night’s party. A real man knows how to take care of his living space and takes pride in its appearance. He may have a stack of dirty dishes in the sink every so often, but who doesn’t.

9. He Doesn’t Need To Be Babysat

You shouldn’t feel the need to check in with him or remind him to take care of himself. He will earn your trust and prove that you can respect him through his actions, not just his words.

10. He Owns His Mistakes

No matter the age, men mess up. The difference is a grown-a*s man apologizes when he’s messed up and actually change his behavior after the fact.

11. He Knows Your Value

He would never treat you less-than or like you don’t mean the world to him.