what will work if dieting won’t? Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Start to tune into your body’s hunger and fullness cues.Relearn how to trust the incredible mechanisms within your own body and surrender to the fact that your body is way smarter and stronger than your willpower ever will be. Notice when your body is hungry and when your body is full, and try to eat according to these cues. These cues are your body’s natural way of calorie counting without feeling deprived! If this sounds too scary for you to jump into at first, just commit to doing this for two or three days, and see how it feels.

2. Work on rejecting the diet mentality. The more you buy into the diet mentality, the harder it’s going to be to eat right for your body. Every time you hear yourself saying, “I’ll start again on Monday” or “That food is bad” or “I messed up today,” remind yourself what you’re doing with dieting, that it hasn’t worked for you in the past, and that there is no way to be “bad” or “good” around food. It’s all just a story we have been fed for far too long, but it doesn’t need to continue to drive your decisions around food.

3. Learn what foods are right for your body, not anyone else’s.Part of the reason you overeat or feel miserable on a diet is that you’re not eating foods that make your body feel good and that you also enjoy. Take time to explore what foods you thrive on, what meals are both nourishing and satisfying for you, and what foods maybe don’t work so well for your body. Remember, your body is guiding you and your body wants to be at a healthy weight. You just need to listen to it.


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