If You Hate Those Dark Knuckles, Here’s 1 Way To Treat Them


Dark knuckles are not in the least attractive and that’s putting it mildly.

Dark knuckles can be super irritating and don’t be deceived to into thinking that only people who bleach have them! Though it’s common in people who bleach, not all dark knuckles are as a result of bleaching.

Sometimes, they come as a form of discoloration/hyperpigmentation where melanin (which gives the skin its darker colour) is produced in excess in certain areas of the skin.

dark knuckles

(Bio Cell Clinic)

If you have noticeably darker knuckles or knees and elbows, it’s time to pay more attention to them aka pamper them the way you would your face! To pamper this area, first try;


Sometimes, something as simple as removing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to reveal new ones may be all you need to improve the colour of the skin in that area.

dark knuckles


Most times, all the area needs is intense moisture locked in to show off younger, smoother and glowing skin in that area which automatically means the skin won’t look as dry and lacklustre.

If those two things fail, there is a way to even them out naturally with juice from lemon and sugar!

How to
  • Get the juice out of fresh lemon
  • Take a spoonful of the juice and add with sugar in equal part
  • After making sure your knuckles are clean, dampen and rub in the mix in gentle circular motion for 7-10 minutes as a time
  • Leave overnight and wash off in the morning when taking a bath
  • Use this every night till you get desired result

DON’T forget to test patch first!

Sugar has exfoliating properties which rids the skin of dead cells while lemon juice has natural bleaching properties to help lighten/even out dark spots.

Note: When using lemon in skincare, stay away from the sun!


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