If You Put The Focus You’ve Put On BBNaija In Your Life, You’ll Be Out Of Poverty, Reno Omokri Slams Viewers

Reno Omokri
Former aide to ex- President, Reno Omokri has slammed Nigerian youths for watching the BBNaija show, accusing them of being ardent followers of an event that is not capable of pulling them out of poverty.

Reno Omokri

Taking to his Twitter page, the self-acclaimed ‘Buhari Tormentor’ opined that if the same energy and amount of time that had been spent watching BBNaija had been put into their life and career, they would have been bidding goodbye to poverty.

Reno Omokri wrote, “You are so focused on who gets evicted from the #BBNaija house. If only you were as focused on getting poverty evicted from your life. For 2 months, you suspended your life to focus on BBN. Others used that time to suspend poverty from their life

“The price of rice has increased by 60% since July, when #BBNaija started. Many youths have made millions buying rice from Kebbi and Jigawa and selling it in Lagos and Port Harcourt. But, all you can boast of in that time is being up to date on BBN!

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“In the last 2 months, you have thought and talked more about #BBNaija, than about your life’s purpose. If there was a PhD in BBN, you would have earned it, along with a Masters in Poverty. Don’t you know your life follows your dominant thoughts?”

Photo Credit: Twitter