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If You See Any Of These 7 Signs, Your Wife Is A Lesbian



Same way some women complain about their husbands being closet gays some men suspect their wives being lesbians too. I’ve also heard about men whose wives always insist that they do 3somes where they bring an extra girl, of course the husband would love such but he might have no idea his wife is a closet lesbian.

Here are some tell tale signs

1. YOU’VE BECOME A JEALOUS HUSBAND: Yes, you’ve been a jealous husband for quite a while now. But this jealousy isn’t over some guy—it’s over her girlfriend. She has this best friend whom she meets with on a regular basis, and when the best friend comes over, it feels like you’re the one who is the third wheel because your wife is overly affectionate with her more than with you.


2. HER PORN PREFERENCE: So now that you’re married, you probably have long been comfortable enough to watch porn together. And you know what her preferences are: girl-on-girl action. Enough said.


3. HOW SHE FLIRTS: You catch her locking eyes with another girl—and it’s not in the friendly way that you know women do with their friends. Hers is flirty and sensual. At times, you even wonder that if were you not married and were instead just friends, she might stand as formidable competition against you over girls.


4. SHE SCOPES GIRLS WITH YOU TOO: Instead of elbowing you and giving you a fiery glare when your eyes follow a pretty girl crossing the street, she ogles them too. You’re sure that if you’re not with her, she’ll be hooting and cat-calling every woman that catches her eye. After the two of you stares at one, she’ll say, “She’s so hot,” and this is in no way sarcastic or condescending to you. She just openly appreciates women.


5. NO FEMININE TOUCH: You’ll know you have a lesbian wife when she doesn’t really have this. She isn’t as concerned about things that most women seem to simply and naturally be interested in. For example, she doesn’t care about home decoration and maintenance, and you’re the one ending up propping a frame of your wedding on the mantle.


6. SHE’S DONE IT IN THE PAST: If you really have a lesbian wife, then her past will speak for itself. Maybe she’s really had a girlfriend during her teens, or was a bisexual before you met her. She may have mentioned bits about her past when she kissed a girl, hooked up with one, went to lesbian bars, or was completely in love with a girl. If she’s mum about her past, you can covertly ask her closest friends for insider info.


7. HER BODY LANGUAGE: You can tell a lot about a person just by their body language. So while your wife is absolutely smoking hot, there’s a good chance you have noticed something off about the way she moves, even long before you got married. She seems to be more masculine than feminine with her movements: sitting with her legs wide open *which you found so sexy before*, punching you when you make a joke, a subtle hunch on her shoulders when she walks, and so on.

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