If You Want It To Be MORE Than A Casual Dating, Don’t...

If You Want It To Be MORE Than A Casual Dating, Don’t Do These 10 Things


Here are things you should do if you want to be more than just a casual dating

1. Don’t tell him you’re OK with a hookup if you’re not.

Guys react very well to established boundaries because they will walk all over you if you have none. By putting your foot down early, they get the picture that you’re not someone who will put up with their bad behavior.

2. Don’t get clingy and desperate.

If you get too clingy, guys will back away from thinking of you as a relationship type of girl. No one wants to deal with a super-clingy girl.

3. Actually, don’t talk about other men. Period.

This often is taken as a hint that you’re really not looking at him as a relationship guy.

4. Don’t lie about what you want.

If you want a relationship, say you want a relationship. Sometimes, guys think that we only see them as hookups because they can’t imagine we’d want something long-term with them.

6. Don’t act super-sleazy.

You know how girls tend to demote guys who act like skeevy pervs to fling status at best? It works both ways. If a guy thinks you’re a sleaze, he won’t want to date you. If anything, dressing conservatively will help with this.

7. Don’t flirt with his friends.

Technically, this falls under “acting super-sleazy,” but it’s still worth noting. A lot of men won’t date someone who has slept with their friends as a fling. It’s against Bro Code and would just spark too much drama.

8. Don’t give him too much.

A guy who sees a girl who is super-nice might take advantage of her — and that’s really not what you want. When a guy thinks he can get away with asking for way more than they deserve, they will try to do so.

9. Don’t forget to make yourself show interest.

Ask him about himself. Show interest in his hobbies. Ask him what he does for fun or how his life is going. These things show him that you can be more than just a hookup, and that’s encouragement for him to pursue you.

10. Don’t hide your accomplishments.

Guys want someone they can be proud of, just as much as girls do. By showing him you have a life of your own, you make yourself more attractive to men.




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