If you want to be celibate, don’t date these guys – Lifestyle News

If you want to be celibate, don’t date these guys – Lifestyle News


In a previous Pulse article here, we explained how celibate relationships are such great things and if you are the type that favours this kind of relationship, there really is nothing to worry or be shameful about.

However, what this means is that you need to date guys who believe in these same value, who see reason why celibacy should be maintained till your marriage certificate is signed. If you do not date such guys, you box yourself in a tough position where you have to bat away regular sexual advances, and ward off unlimited, difficult temptations from the person who should be your biggest support system on the journey to maintaining your celibacy.

All these are avoidable, actually, if you do not date the types of guys listed below.

A bestie of the opposite sex is not the best thing for your relationship.

You can be in a celibate relationship and be happy. Just make sure you choose the right partner. (LifeStyle.ng)

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The one who sees you as a project

One way to know for sure is if regardless of telling him you want to be celibate, he keeps trying to get into your panties.

You need a guy who believes in celibacy himself, not one who just wants to wait because it is what you want.

My relationship with a man who hated oral sex did not end well.

Date a guy who never tests your willingness to stay celibate. He should be as supportive of that goal as possible, too. (Uptown Magazine)


The one who keeps trying to talk you out of it

This one is only different from the guy above because instead of making moves, he tries to talk you out of your anti-premarital-sex decision.

He tries to present reasons, and logic to why premarital sex isn’t that bad. You actually don’t need this guy either.

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