So, if your boyfriend was a foreign artiste, which of the listed persons would he be?

INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you the types of boyfriend a foreign artiste could be.

1. Drake: He loves up a lot, but is never direct about his feelings to those he loves

2. Wiz khalifa: This is the kind of boyfriend who looks scrawny, but only goes for babes at least 5 times his size

3. Kanye West: This is the boyfriend who dates babes with only big a*s.

4. Chris Brown: This is the boyfriend who fights or hold grudges with boyfriends of his exes and always have a baby mama besides his present partner

5. Meek Mill: This is the man that prefers girls that are financially bouyant. His idea of an ideal relationship is one where the female is usually the bread winner.

6. Nick Young: This is the player boyfriend, engaged to one girl, but keeps getting his ex pregnant.

7. Jay Z: He and his girlfriend makes a power couple, but he is always sneaking around with Becky with the good hair.

8. John Legend: This is the perfect boyfriend, any girl dreams of. He is good with his voice and knows what to say everytime to his BAE.

Ladies, tell us in the . box which of these artiste describes your boyfriend

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