If your partner has bad money habits, here’s what you should do

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If your partner has bad money habits, here’s what you should do

Have you ever asked yourself, what you would do if you end up marrying someone who has a bad money habit?

In marriage, money issue do not just affect finances, it can also affect your relationship and if care is not taken, it may ruin the marriage.

According to a survey published in Independent in January 2020, money worries are the leading cause of marriages falling apart.

Some of the respondents of the survey blamed their partners for their money worries, accusing them of overspending or failing to budget properly.

Should you find yourself in a situation like this, here’s what you need to do.

1. Do financial plannings together

If you feel your partner has a bad money habit, you should not leave him/her out of the financial planning. You need to work together when it comes to your finances. Know your net worth and create a financial plan and a budget.

Because your partner has bad money habit does not mean you should not work together when it comes to the finances. Always make sure your partner is involved.

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2. Pay off debt

In marriage, if your partner has debts to pay, you automatically inherit the debt also. To avoid your finances getting destroyed by your debt as a couple, you need to find ways to get out of debt.

3. Always have the money talk

If you feel your partner has bad money habits, and you think it might be an issue, instead of overlooking or keeping silent over it, you should have the money talk before the bad money habit destroys your finance and also your relationship.

Let your partner know there is an issue and explain why the bad money habits are affecting your finance as a couple.

4. Do not give up on your partner

If your partner admits to the fact that they have bad money habit, then you should not give up on them. Find ways you can help him/her improve and get out of such bad money habits.

Check the progress of your partner with the finances. If there is no improvement at all, then you should talk to a financial advisor and a marriage counsellor.

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