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One of the names making waves and positive impact in Europe is ADMA, an award winning gospel artiste of the year 2012 ‘Iyobo4christ’. Born into the family of  Omo-Odiase from Benin  City.

The artiste who also won ‘Best Gospel  Female Artiste in Ireland 2011, is blessed with an undeniable but unique voice and stage presence.

There is no doubt to say that Iyobo has fully captured the attention of Africans in the Diaspora, and now gradually for sure the world at large.

Born in Edo State, Nigeria and currently base in the Netherlands, just like the known A-listers of today’s entertainment industry, she started singing at the age of 8 in her local church. She was born into the  Baptist family church. Through her music , she has inspired and continue inspiring many. Iyobo is indeed changing lives with her God-given talent.

According to her, “her mission is to inspire people to embrace the weapon of praise when everything else fails.”

She recently dropped her DVD album titled “Ilebuwere” meaning   ( I run to you.) The DVD is a compilation of all her hit tracks.

Ilebuwere indeed without no doubt, became a hit immediately she dropped it.People from all works of life started calling her “the author and finisher Ilebuwere!.”

With her blessed voice , people shed tears in joy whenever they listen to her. Many have attest to the fact that she has a charismatic movement in her voice that sweeps anyone off their feet whenever she’s ministering. Ilebuwere was written in her deepest and darkness moment.

She explained that “Without no preparations, I found myself in the Wilderness of life” says Iyobo4christ.  “I had to stand and fight back with the weapon I know best works which is praise. Ilebuwere was birthed out of pain. And this very track became my ticket to the top.” She explained.

Now she is coming out with another side of hers. Everyone knows her soft side that makes folks cry. But this time she’s bringing her other side on stage.

Iyobo is a podium boss. She totally steals the hearts of everyone when she steps the stage and handles the mic with her unexplainable stage energy.  You can say , “she’s a beast for christ on stage. “Her passions and love for what she has been called to do is very visible when she steps on the stage. She has got a unique energy indeed.

She has brought that same energy into this very single “Twale Baba.” “This track was written by me and also looking back at the last 4-years of my life, today , I know it’s God’s grace that brought me out of the wildernesses. I would have completely lost my mind. So this song is a song of gratitude to my way-maker. My sustainer and keeper of my soul. It’s a song that tells fully that power belongs to God and God alone. ‘Twale Baba’ means, ‘i salute you Lord.’

She concluded by saying “ After all I have been through and still standing here today. All I can say is Twale Baba indeed. Shalom.”


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