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Miss Blessing Esimekhuai, is the current Miss Comely, North Central. The Edo state born queen who’s a graduate of Human Resource Management from the University of Ghana, Legon, in this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, says she sees pageantry as an opportunity to project herself and her vision to help disabled children. How do you feel emerging Miss Comely Nigeria North Central?                                                                                                              The day I was called out, I had tension to the extent that it was the second time they called me that I now know Wow!  I am the one. All I could see was God’s glory because out of the girls that were there, God decided to pick me to represent the North Central. It is not by my power, I feel so happy. I just felt God confirmed His word in life. How so you intend to give back to the society. What is your pet project? I will use my platform to help the society and I intend to get international NGOs to partner in my project that way enough would go to the society With all sincerity would you say the judges were objective and fair? Yes, to me they were objective. With all we heard in camp at a point we started assuming some girls were the winners because of the stories we have heard, but funny enough, it was the other way round. It was people that we never expected that won. People that worked hard in camp eventually emerged winners. Now that you got a crown as Miss Comely north central, what is next? One of my pet projects is creating awareness for breast cancer. JHELP  Concept is my pageant company’s name we recently shoot a movie on breast cancer which I happen to feature in the movie. The movie will be out soon… I was on set with the likes of Ruth Kadiri, Empress and many more. Now that I won a crown like I said earlier it’s a platform for me to reach out to the society. Making a difference amongst others, I want to clear that negative notion that people have about pageantry. What was like spending time with other girls during the camp period? It was not easy because these girls from different, homes, different backgrounds and different training. But, you know as a prospective queen you have to learn to accommodate other people. You have to learn how to handle issues, learn how to give back to the society so even when I had little issues with other girls, or when I saw other characters that were not pleasing to me, I just accept it. The one I can help the or tell them it is wrong I do but the one I cannot, I live it to myself. But at the end of the day camping was fun because we all ended up being friends. Tell us about yourself and what made you go into pageantry? I am from Edo state, Auchi. I’m from a big family of 8. I did both primary and secondary education in Lagos Nigeria. Proceeded for my university education in Ghana. Where I studied human resource Management from the University of Ghana Legon. Reasons for pageantry: I saw it as an opportunity to project myself and my vision to help disabled children, and to be a voice for the voiceless. I looked around our society and I saw that some children, disabled ones, less privileged are really suffering and i have this passion to make life more meaningful to these ones. I was going to ask you how you intend to give back to the society. What is your pet project? I have passion for helping the less privileged and carrying out social services that would benefit greater number of people. I shall be looking at well-articulated community projects which I shall be doing in collaboration with socially responsible, orgnisations, companies, agencies and parastatls to better the living standards of our people. There are certain places you will go you find out that what is lacking in the community to actually make life easier for them can easily be provided by one organization, or even an individual, but still they are waiting for government to come and do it. I shall stand in the gap in these areas, identify  some these  communities, what projects they desire, and look for people oriented company that can take up such project as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility venture. Also, my pet project is mostly on how to better the lives of the abused youths.  Especially, the girl child. A girl might have what it takes to achieving something but just because she did not succumb to what is requested of her, she will not have it. For instance, a friend told she went for an interview, after very brilliant performance which was acknowledged by the management but at the end the day she was denied the job because she could not succumb to what a top official of the company asked of her. I want to stand in for such people by encouraging them to wait for God’s time instead of giving in to such abuse. How do plan to achieve this? I intend to achieve it by God’s grace, getting a place and really working hard. I intend going to meet with some the girls you find in hotels who of course you know can learn a trade.  I pick the ones I can help and encourage them to believe in themselves and engage in more dignifying trade than just prostituting. I will also be looking at helping children but my main concern is on girls because girls are the ones that carry most of the blessings on earth. They the ones that make families, we are the ones that know when the pains are there. We know how to talk to people, handle issues so that why I am emphasizing on the girl child. How do you feel being comely queen North Central? I feel so happy. I feel so blessed. I feel so opportune. I feel so humbled because out of the many beautiful girls that went there I was given a crown. It is not easy. And now my lifestyle has changed. Well… I’m not the National queen I’m Miss comely queen North Central You visited the disabled colony recently, what was your mission there? It was children’s day so my intention was to reach out to the disabled children. Something tells me that somehow these children feel inferior amongst their peers because they are disabled. Going there was a way to express love. How has been since you became a queen? I have become more popular. I get calls from people I do not even know. Those that have totally forgotten me have started remembering me. But I am still getting beef from some of friends that thought maybe this was not going to come to pass, but funny enough God made it possible. But that doesn’t meant I will reject them, I am still accepting them in good faith but I am being wise in doing so. What advice do you have for Nigerian girls, especially aspiring beauty queens? My advice for Nigerian girls is that they should always know that being beautiful is not a criteria, beauty with brain and wisdom is one the best thing. Also being beautiful as well as religious is one of the best things that can happen to a girl. Girls should know that the beauty God gave to them is for a purpose, for us to glorify His name.  It is for us to tell people that you can be beautiful and still be humble; you can be beautiful and still serve God. You can be beautiful and still preach the word of God, and still be a blessing to the society.  

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