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“I’m hotter than Hushpuppi, my money is legit” – Singer Portable brags as he goes clothes shopping in France (Update) – Lifestyle Nigeria

Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable, has thrown a subtle jab at internet fraudster, Hushpuppi, who’s awaiting sentencing.

Portable is currently in France and from videos he’s shared on social media so far, one can tell he’s having a great time away from home.

He shared a Update of himself in a luxury clothes store in France, where he had gone to get a new set of designer outfits for himself.

In the clip, as he brought out cash from his bag to pay the attendant, the Zazu Zeh, who bragged that he frequents the store, threw shade at Hushpuppi.

Portable declared that he’s bigger than Husppuppi and reiterated that he isn’t into fraud like the embattled socialite who, before his arrest, was using proceeds from fraud to fund his lifestyle.

“I don’t use fraud to buy clothes. Legit money. I fine pass Hushpuppi. Na everyday I dey come Zara. Zara is my own Katangua. You dey wine Jesus”, he explained in Yoruba to the person filming him. 

SEE him speak below,

A while ago, Portable reacted after a man claimed he bought a cloth from a roadside stall just days after boasting about spending N50 million on designer clothing.

It would be recalled that the singer made headlines a few days ago after he bragged about owning more designer outfits than embattled Nigerian socialite, Hushpuppi.

Speaking in an interview with Factory 78, ‘Zazu Zeh’ star, Portable, disclosed that he spends as much as 50 million naira on just clothes.

However, to apparently counter Portable’s claim, a social media user claimed the celebrity bought one of his outfits, a brown winter jacket, from a hand-me-down roadside stall.

To support his allegation, the man posted a Update of a jacket similar to the one Portable was recently seen wearing during a Update shoot, hanging from a rack inside the stall.

Well, Portable has now reacted, stating that he didn’t buy the jacket as it was given to him by a stylist during the Update shoot. SEE Update here.

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