Im very Grateful to Amakye DeDe for blessing me – Kwaku Nyame

Ace Ghanaian renown band leader Kwaku Nyame the CEO of Davison Bank UK , an experienced hilife music mogul and he is well accepted and known in Ghana and the United kingdom with his consistent contribution with the band to the music industry .

Kwaku Nyame seem not to find  interest in his pride but rather gives all the honour to the legendary Amakye Dede , a multiple awards winning Ghanaian hilife legend . Meanwhile Kwaku Nyame recalls his life time moment with Amakye Dede and stands to to confirm Amakye Dede has been a blessing to his career and gifted him with so much golden opportunity.

He narrated Amakye Dede is a great of all time king of band music and would always choose him over everyone in the industry. Amakye DeDe who has been consistently played and performed with Davison Ban in UK has never disappointed, All the shows I have played with him all has been successful and helped elevate the brand of Davison Band in the UK and across Europe he says.