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Imam Of Peace Initiates #BuhariResign

Imam Tawhidi, a critic of President Muhammadu Buhari has initiated the hashtag #BuhariResign, which is calling for the resignation of the president fr failing to address the nation over the efforts of the government on COVID-19 pandemic.

With the aim of making the hashtag to trend on the number of Nigerian Twitter and to be in the top 10 trends Worldwide, it could be said that it has been achieved.

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Some Nigerians who share his sentiments are also wondering why the President has failed to address the nation like his counterparts from other countries that have been holding a daily press conference on the pandemic.

Recently, the popular critic has been calling out President Buhari online, saying he is not capable of running the country.

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Let’s see some of the tweets from the hashtag below.

Thanks for speaking for millions of us @Imamofpeace

Buhari #cluelessness & ineptitude is now intentional#BuhariResign #BuhariResign #BuhariResign #BuhariResign #BuhariResign #BuhariResign


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