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Improving The Girl-Education In Nigeria


Every day, girls face barriers to education caused by poverty, cultural norms, and practices, poor infrastructure, violence, and fragility the list is endless which is why when females make a big break in some career path or attain certain heights in the world they are greatly praised and celebrated.

Ensuring that all girls and young women receive a quality education is their human right but some societies and cultures tend to bring the stereotypical mindset that a woman’s place is in the home; the kitchen and bedroom especially; therefore some families/society have called women who climb the success ladder; be it in education or any other sector -overachievers, feminists, etc. When will we outgrow the archaic and biased mentality; men should attain education while women should learn how to cook. There are a lot of ways the girl-education in Nigeria can be improved starting with the home. Parents should stop relegating females to the background when it comes to education. In the same way, the male children go to school, the females should be given equal opportunity and provision to go to school also.
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Adequate provision should be made for basic primary school education for both genders. Chances are, if a girl child completes primary education which is the first step in education, she will be willing to further continue. Government should establish more primary and secondary school facilities for children whose parents wouldn’t be able to afford the fees in a private institution. Another avenue that can improve the girl child education in Nigeria, is by providing them with job-relevant skills. Skills like sewing, hair making, catering, etc, would likely improve the rate at which girls go to school in a country. This is because these skills will make them self-dependent even after school as they will be able to make money for themselves. It should be noted that educated girls can make informed choices, and form a far better range of options. Educating girls saves lives and builds stronger families, communities, and economies. An educated female population increases a country’s productivity and fuels economic growth, this needs to be said with a loudspeaker in Nigeria. Also, families should stop child marriage, with this act, the girl-education can be improved immensely. For families experiencing financial hardship, child marriage reduces their economic burden, but it ends up being more difficult for girls to gain financial independence without education.
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Moving on, one silent but vital point here is the workload on girls should be eased especially in the home. It pays to know that forced domestic work creates low self-esteem in girls and a lack of interest in education. Adult responsibilities, like taking care of sick parents or babysitting siblings, tend to fall on girls. There are cases in Nigerian homes whereby the girl child has to sweep, wash plates, and fetch water before leaving for school in the morning while the boy child just has his bath and leaves for the same school. Balance is key if we are to make way for the girl child when it comes to education. Now let’s remove our focus from the home and look at the government, the girl child deserves to go to school and the government will be doing well to provide the basic amenities these young stars need to succeed in life. There is a rise in gender-based violence in society and if the government can put in more effort to curb acts of rape, molestation of whatever kind/type, violence against children, girls especially; then society can be better and we can have more girls thriving in education. A girl should be able to grow into a woman that will add and give back to society and her home.    educationeducation

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