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In The Viral Update Online All The Celebrities Who Took Rick Ross To Africa Were Unfollowed By Him. (SEE) – Lifestyle Nigeria

Rick Ross has unfollowed Obi Cubana and other Lagos celebrities that entertained him as well as other famous people who brought him to Africa once more.

One of the biggest names in music, Rick Ross, made the decision to unfollow on Instagram all the famous people who had taken him to Africa, including the team at Clé who had taken the producer and singer to “Baa Fest” in April.

A month after his trip to Angola, when he appeared in a remarkable event on April 16 at Luanda Bay, 46-year-old William Leonard Roberts abruptly ceased following African superstars, with the exception of Pacolee.

Eight years later, the American’s entry into the nation was commemorated by a contentious march down one of Prenda’s most contentious neighborhoods, where he gave out dollar bills to locals while defending the action as an act of love.

“Love has no price. On the day of the Resurrection, Easter morning in Angola, I made the decision to walk among the people. A day of hope,” the musician wrote on his official Instagram account at the time.

Ross had previously stated that he would go back to the nation to sign a deal with Angolan musicians through his publisher, Maybach Record. However, on Wednesday, the American surprised his fans by unfollowing those who had made it possible for him to travel to the Continent.

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