Indian Man Slit Open Wife’s Stomach To Check Baby’s Gender After 5 Girls No Love

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A 43-year-old Indian father has alleged slit open the stomach of his pregnant wife in hope to confirm if she would be having a son for him instead of another daughter after five girls. Indian

Pannalal attacked his wife Anita Devi last Saturday night in their home in UP Budaun district Mumbai, the attack has left his wife struggling for her life after severe damages were made to her internal organs.

Anita’s family had reported Pannalal to the police and investigators that he attacked Anita and cut open her stomach in his bid to “know the gender” of the child.
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Though the baby in the womb was unhurt, Anita’s condition deteriorated due to severe damage to her insides and excessive bleeding.

According to Times of India.com, the woman has been admitted to Safdarjung hospital with the help of the police.

The husband said he did not attack his wife intentionally. He told local media he threw the sickle at her but had no idea it would injure her so severely.

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“I have five daughters, one of my sons is dead. I know that children are the gift of God. Now whatever is to happen, will happen.”

Police officials said the husband has been arrested and the investigation is ongoing.

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