London’s first na ked restaurant – which boasts 46,000 people on its waiting list – opened its doors last night in a secret location in south east London. The head chef of London’s newest out-there dining experience said he hoped that being nu de will help diners concentrate on their food and encourage them to ‘try new cuisines’.

Only open for three months, Bunyadi claims it offers ‘pure liberation’, offering the experience of eating in its ‘purest’ form.
According to one of the two MailOnline journalists who met there for the first time – na ked,

“No indecency or nuisance or any se xual activity of any kind is allowed. Guests who don’t follow this rule will be escorted out immediately’.

The rules are set out in no uncertain terms in a ‘rules of engagement’ document handed to all diners upon arrival, or a ‘Welcome’ note, as they call it.”




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