Beautiful, glowing skin is actually very easy to attain. You really don’t have to try numerous beauty creams, get expensive facial treatments, and bleaches to get a flawless complexion. A good homemade face pack is everything it takes to address all your skincare problems such as dark spots, sun tan, blackheads and acne scars. Follow a healthy skincare ritual at home with these natural ingredients, and in under a month you will have a clear, spot-free skin.

You just need to rummage your kitchen for some very basic ingredients and put together this quick beauty DIY homemade face pack. No side-effects and your skin will feel instantly soft and smooth.


2tbsp Gram flour (Besan)

1tbsp Turmeric powder

1tsp Almond oil

2 tsp Milk



Method of Preparation:

Pour the gram flour in a bowl, and then add the turmeric powder to it. Tip in the almond oil. Blend it thoroughly.

dark spots and sun tan face pack

Now add the milk, till it forms a thick paste of even consistency. In case you find the mixture too dry, you can add more milk to make it a homogeneous paste.


How to apply

Prep your face by first rinsing it thoroughly. Apply the pack on your face and neck. Don’t apply too thick a coat as it will easily crack on drying, or too thin as it won’t have the desired effect. Allow the pack to dry for about 20 minutes. Massage the pack gently with warm water as you rinse off. Apply a moisturiser on your face after the ritual. Do this thrice a week for two weeks to get a clear and glowing complexion. And just stop wasting money on those expensive cosmetics.

Why Gram Flour

Found in every kitchen cupboard, gram flour or besan is popularly used across Southeast Asia for its beauty benefits. It is a natural exfoliator and has skin lightening and brightening properties.

Why Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is extremely beneficial for those with oily skin as it reduces oil secretion by the sebaceous glands, cleanses the skin and prevents inflammation caused due to red spots, acne scars and pimples. And most importantly, since it is an anti-bacterial agent it curbs infection, allergy or any form of skin irritation.

Why Almond Oil

Rich in proteins, Vitamin E, monosaturated fatty acids, zinc, potassium and a vast array of vitamins and minerals, almond oil is great for the skin and hair. It gets fully absorbed by the skin and even induces it with antioxidants, making it soft and supple.

Why Milk

Milk is a natural moisturiser, it will nourish your skin and make it soft and glowing.

As simple as that, make this easy besan face pack today and get a glowing, flawless skin in just a few weeks.

Images & Video Credit: YouTube/Arpita Nath


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