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Ireti Doyle And Sola Sobowale Play Fierce Rioters In The Teaser For ‘1929’ – ZUMI

It is undeniable that Nollywood is riding a new wave of telling original stories and tackling important issues. Ireti Doyle and Sola Sobowale feature in an upcoming periodic movie, 1929, which tells the story of the Aba Women’s Riot of 1929.

The Aba Women’s Riot of 1929 was a two-month rebellion started by east-Nigerian women against the excessive powers of the local chiefs and colonizers. In a bloody riot that claimed the lives of 25 women, the Aba women fought against exploitative tax-policies that opposed the Igbo tradition. In the Moses Eskor-directed film, Ireti Doyle and Sola Sobowale breathe their fierce acting prowess into their characters.

Ireti Doyle And Sola Sobowale Play Activists In The Teaser For 1929

(Photo: Via YouTube/FilmOne)

In the one-minute teaser, powerful emotions are evoked for the Igbo women who lost their lives fighting for justice. Film One distribution has collaborated with Viensa Nigeria to produce the film starring Sam Dede, Becky Odungide, Enobong Ekwere, Ndifreke Umoren and many more. 1929 will come to the cinemas on April 19th but while you wait, here is a teaser.

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