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African Celebs

The Most Rave-Worthy Looks On Women Across Africa – October 12th

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African celebs and influencers are constantly stealing the show wherever they step into. They do this by simply showing up in uniquely creative looks that are impossible to ignore. Which explains why we celebrate African women weekly, showcasing their best fashion takes and style delivery for your inspiration. African celeb fashion styles Fashionable outfits should…

. The Most Rave-Worthy Looks On Women Across Africa – October 12th . Style Rave.

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15 Popular Wedding Colours And Their Meaning

Colours are expression, they have no voice, yet they speak out expression so loud. Ever visited a house, and you work into the room, and it is all pink, from the curtain to the wall paintings and decorations, to the bedspread and wall shelf all pink..,do you need someone to tell you that you just stepped into a lady’s room? Why, because pink is a feminine color right, 😃. Looking for the perfect wedding colors for your big day? In this article we’ll be looking at Popular wedding colours and their meaning.

Weddings are special event for both couples, families, and friends. There is always a bust of various colours everywhere. But I will tell you the meaning of some majorly used colors, and then you can decide on what combinations you want to use for your wedding, not because of the beauty of these color only, but base on the meaning each colour represent.

– RED (Ruby red, Claret red, Bordeaux):

Popular Wedding Colours and their meaning

Red colors are intense, which connote passion, romance, sexuality, love,fire and solemnity. It gives a personalized touch to the event, most event planner used the following combination: red and pink, red and orange, red, black and white and so on.

– BLUE (Royal blue, Sky/cloud blue, Magical blue):

Wedding Colours and their Meaning

Blue brings about harmony and tranquility, it further symbolizes faith, trust, wisdom, loyalty, intelligence. Blue can go with white, purple, green, yellow and red.

– GREEN (Apple Green, Mint Green, Leaf green):

Popular Wedding Colours

Green represent nature, and it speaks of fertility, growth, hope, stability, money, goodluck and youthfulness. Green can be combined with gold, silver, red, yellow, white, or cream color.


Popular Wedding Colours

The color of sunshine, bright energy connote happiness, creativity, freshness, hope and joy. Yellow during weddings can go with the following combination: orange and yellow, blue and yellow, white and yellow, yellow and purple, yellow and green etc.

– PURPLE (Orchid, Wild rose, Royal purple):

Wedding Colours and their meaning

Royalty is always represented with the color purple, it is a color of celebration and enlightenment, it is associated with royalty, power luxury, and dignity. It can be combined with blue and red, gold, lilac, white among others.

– WHITE (Ivory, soft linen, antique white):

This is the most commonly used color at weddings, it symbolizes purity, innocence, truth, protection and goodness. It can be combined with any wonderful color.

– PINK (Retro pink, Tea rose, Baby pink):

Wedding Colours

A feminine color that connote happiness, admiration, harmony and compassion, and unconditional love. Pink can be combined with green, grey, orange, burgundy among others.

– ORANGES (Tangerine, Sierra Amber):

Orange Wedding Colour

This is a vibrant color which symbolizes happiness, joy, excitement, desire, wisdom, and admiration. It is usually combined with purple, red, navy blue, green among others.

Some other wedding colours which are mostly used to complement the aforementioned and their meaning include:

Gold- symbolizes wealth, value.

Wedding Colours and their meaning
Gold and Green combination

Gray- symbolizes reliability

Popular Wedding Colours
Grey Dress with Red Beads

Turquoise – symbolizes protection

Turquoise Wedding Colour
Turquoise on Dark Blue

Brown- longevity

Popular Wedding Colours
Brown Combinations

Burgundy- beauty

Popular Wedding Colours
Shades of Burgundy

Peach- modesty

Wedding Colours and their meaning
Peach with Black, and Red Bead

Black- Elegance, serenity, sensuality.

Wedding Colours
Idoma – Black and Dark Red

In conclusion, there is no best meaning to give to a color, you could have your special meaning for your desired color.

You can engage us to help tailor that wow expression style you desire. We style and process orders at the most affordable prices locally and internationally.

Tell us what you think in the comment section below about our popular wedding colours and their meaning.

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10 Easy Steps on How to Tie Gele – Svelte Magazine

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When the Aso Ebi is ready and the makeup is on fleek, the next thing a woman worries about for a traditional event is her Gele.  Gele, the Nigerian lingo for a stylish headgear, is one important aspect of every Nigerian woman’s traditional outfit. Although many women do not know how to tie gele, its fashion relevance as a stylish topping for the hair cannot be denied.

Gele tying has evolved over the years. With the latest gele
styles trending in 2019 on Instagram, one is forced to wonder if truly there
was a time women shied away from tying the headpiece simply because of the
complications involved. Now there are both virtual and real classes on how to
tie gele to help fashion lovers become better in the art.

 Back in the day, gele
was a form of showy dis. that had embedded in it different meanings as
intended by the wearer.  For instance, a
woman who wanted to let her rivals know that she cared less about their presence
would wear a gele called ‘ma wo be’
which translates to ‘don’t look here’.

Gele tying in Nigeria has been traced to the Yoruba women who have been wearing it for as long as anyone can remember. They created special methods on how to tie gele and even had different gele for different events. There is now a shift from the ordinary flamboyant gele we had several years ago to extraordinary classy, stylish headpieces decorated with beads, feathers, roses, pleats, knots and more. As you read these ten easy steps on how to tie gele, you’ll be seeing some of the latest gele styles for the year. That’s double one for you. So sit tight and have a good read.

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For starters, you need to have your hair neatly packed. If you have a lot of hair, use an additional headcover to ensure the foundation for your gele is smooth and prevent the gele from slipping off. If your hair is short, skip this part and let’s begin.

1. Fold in the end of your gele to achieve a smooth base at
the front of your head.

2. Wrap the gele, around your head from the back to the front. While doing this, make sure the ends of the front are equal. 

3. Take one of the sides of the gele, for instance, the right side, and wrap it towards your left round to the back of your head. Use your right hand to secure it. After doing this, the left side of the gele would be longer than the right side.

4. Take the longer side (left side) and cross it over to the
right side round the head to the back. Wrap it and secure it with your hands
holding it at the back.

5. Arrange the gele at the side and the back. Measure the gele around the head in levels and layers then squeeze the ends to form a fan from the middle of the layout. Be sure to make the leftover at the end closest to you enough to hold.’

6. Do the same thing on the other side.

7.  To secure the grip, tie the two ends closest to you two times into a knot and neatly tuck in the loose bits.

8. Now there will be two layers at the top of the gele piece. Arrange the layer at the back by ensuring the highest point of the gele is in the middle.

9. Afterward, move to the front layers and make the lines and pleats into layered steps at the front of the gele with your fingers. This you should do painstakingly to make them as defined as possible.

10. Push the gele back away from the face to give the face a
lift. Be sure not to push it back too much so it doesn’t fall off from the head.
You also do not have to pull your ears out of the gele.

Adjust the gele until you get your desired result.

Photo credit: Pinterest

If these steps on how to tie gele aren’t as easy as they seem for you, you can further learn how to tie gele by watching this video:

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