Is the dating pool really shallow?


Those in the dating pool are the men and women who are available for bonding; they are the potential partners one gets to choose from when they are ready to fall in love and be in a relationship [again].

The problem with getting a committed relationship in this age is that the list of people you can actually be with is shrunken and that there aren’t so many prime catches anymore. If they are single and look available, they likely have ex problems; if you like them, they may not like you back; the ones that like you are just not good enough. If he is handsome, he cheats and is unfaithful; the one that has a job is unromantic and on and on goes the highs and lows; the pros and cons of trying to date in modern times.

Perfect man? Ever possible? [Credit: Davina Diaries]

Getting someone who is good enough and has no significant ‘buts’ or issues attached to them is considered so difficult. Finding someone who manages to strike all the right cords and tick all the right love boxes is such a big deal because, as the belief goes, the dating pool is shallow and there aren’t enough quality catches available anymore.

But is the dating pool really small? Is it possible that this belief has been fostered and pushed only by repeated usage and not because there’s any real semblance of truth to it?

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From all indications, it looks true that getting someone who is good enough and truly appropriate for one’s emotional and mental well-being is not such an easy task to achieve. While there are great partners and the occasional big catches, the pulse of our society, felt off social media and daily interaction does actually reflect a short supply of good men and women; people who really grasp the concept of commitment and intentional relationships.

Men and women alike usually need to look a little more into the options before finding someone who truly ticks most of the boxes they want ticked in a partner [Credit: Madamenoire]

Is the dating pool really as small as people would have you believe though? That’s not so easy to decide. This is because there are always different strokes for different folks, and the standard of partners that one deems acceptable determines whether or not they have enough choices available to them.

Generally, if you have really healthy relationship needs and a proper standard to which you want to hold your partner, there’s surely someone out here for you. It’s not so bad. It would often require you to pace yourself patiently, raising your own personal bar and holding yourself up to the same standard you want to measure people by, but sure, there’s someone out here for you.

There are over one billion persons in the universe. You cannot be the only amazing single person alive.

I mean, what are the odds?


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