It will take 100 rappers from kumasi to battle Chichiz from Takoradi – Sleeky

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Human opinions and preferences are some times argumental and judgemental usually when it stands to be controversial meanwhile everyone is entitled for an opinion.

Ghanaian popular showbiz critic, blogger and music promoter Sadick Assah who is known in the music industry as a Sleeky Promotions details the mileage between kumasi based rappers and Takoradi based rappers whiles he has mentioned Chichiz a rapper from Takoradi who was recently part of the TV3 Mentor talent hunt.

According to Sleeky, Kumasi rappers are easily noticed and accepted due to their two  dialect , explaining the Twi is easily to learn and  when it used in music and rap people gives it attention and patronised than the Fanti being used for rap music.

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He claims the fanti dialect itself is the most complicated dialect in Ghana and only few people speaks and understands it and this has created a huge gap between the fanti rappers and the twi rappers to extend of even making Ghanaians always overeating the Twi lyrics in rap music than the Fanti Language and it obvious it will actually take over 100 rappers from kumasi in a competition to match just a single rapper from Takoradi like chichiz he say.

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